Drinks and Beverage sector

“I’d like a venti, extra hot, skinny, no foam, decaf, sweet, double shot….”

Making a drink doesn’t have to be as complicated as this.

Whether you specialise in alcoholic, soft, dairy-based, or dry beverages, we’ll design and install conveyor systems that keep the drinks flowing.




Designed to carefully handle cans, glass bottles and PET bottles in all shapes and sizes, at every stage of the process from mass flow to a single file. 


Standardised components and equipment can all be combined to provide a bespoke solution to suit whatever your application.


So, if you need a conveyor for loading, sorting, cleaning, filling, roasting, cooling, capping, compressing, mixing, turning, lifting, or labelling – you can rest assured that we've got it!


And, because we know you need to meet food safety regulations and hygiene standards as well, we’ll construct a system that’s as easy to keep clean and maintain as possible to help you fulfill those requirements. 

Don’t keep it bottled up any longer, speak to the team at BHL on 01942 405300 to find out more about getting your drinks on the move and onto shelves safely, quickly, and cost-effectively.