Slat systems

Robust and
hard wearing, slat conveying systems can operate in the most challenging environments



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Slat systems can be singular or made up of a series of slats to make up individual conveyors. Robust and hard-wearing, slat conveying systems can stand up to most challenges thrown at them by a range of production processes. The simple but versatile design means they’re low-maintenance.


Flexible by nature, slat conveyors can be adapted for long runs, inclines, declines, corners, and intricate bends, often all in one line. And because the slatted surface provides a firm and flat base, it makes them ideal for handling products with an irregular shape or for transporting beverages and liquids smoothly and safely. Slat systems can also withstand frequent high-pressure cleaning, making them a great option for food manufacturers who must comply with food safety standards.


When you opt for a slat conveyor, you’ll ultimately reduce the amount of time taken to move goods from A to B, increase the efficiency and speed of the production line, and help to reduce physical demands on employees too. Perfect for meeting those deadlines!


Slat systems are perfect for:

  • Glass or PET bottle handling
  • Beverage can handling
  • Food can handling
  • Combining conveyors
  • Automotive production and assembly
  • Distribution
  • Accumulation conveyors


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