Supporting the environment

We’re well-known for our positive impact on businesses, but we’re also conscious of our impact on the world around us too.

At BHL we want to be as eco-friendly as possible, and every aspect of our business holds opportunities to reduce our effect on the environment.

From recycling waste paper in our head-office to providing customer support online and over the phone to reduce the numbers of our vehicles on the road, we’re making changes all the time. And because we practice what we preach, we use this knowledge to help make your business greener too.




Designing and building conveyor systems on-site, means we can review and adapt our manufacturing process to make the most of the materials we use and save as much energy as possible.


Working this way not only reduces our carbon-footprint, but also allows us to learn lessons about what works (and what doesn’t).


This means we can pass these efficiencies on through your production and packaging lines, saving you time and money, and helping you fulfil your corporate social responsibilities. 

Speak to BHL today on 01942 405300 to find out how we can turn your production lines green.