Pallet handling

Making light work of heavy loads...

Making light work of heavy loads, you need a strong and durable pallet handling system you can rely on. Economical, and long-lasting, our steel framed pallet handling systems can transport heavy goods up to 2000kg with only one drive, holding a maximum weight of 1500kg per pallet. Robust and hard-wearing, our pallet handling systems are easily installed and require minimum regular maintenance.



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When you choose the right pallet handling system to meets your needs, you’ll be able to move large loads smoothly and gently, improve your product flow, and reduce the risk of damage to your products too. Easily interfacing with downstream equipment such as rotary stretch wrappers and laser-guided vehicles (LGVs)


Choose from a range of solutions available:

  • Multiple chain strand conveyors
  • Heavy-duty roller conveyors
  • Tangential drive conveyors
  • Chain and roller turntables
  • Gravity roller conveyors
  • Centre transfer

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