Powered rollers

Easy automation at your fingertips

Highly efficient, powered roller systems are economical and versatile. Helping to transfer lightweight materials over longer distances, they can be easily adapted and arranged to meet a whole host of production needs. Powered roller systems also produce less noise than their non-automated alternatives, making them an invaluable addition to a busy warehouse or factory environment.



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Giving you control over your processes, you can increase or limit production to meet demand and run different sections of the line only when needed, saving energy and reducing costs. You’ll save on maintenance costs too, as each roller is easy to remove and clean, keeping your equipment in the best possible condition and ensuring health and safety standards are met.


Powered roller systems are perfect for:

  • Food production
  • Distribution and packing
  • Assembly lines
  • Manufacturing

Different types of units available:

  • Chain/ Belt transfer
  • Straight track
  • Lift up gate
  • Switch sorter
  • Bend
  • Pusher unit
  • Merge unit

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